Country-Style vs. Modern Kitchen Sinks

Durability is the main trait of kitchen sinks, considering how they are used for a lot of tasks like preparing food, doing the dishes, and disposing of food leftovers. Nonetheless, sinks can be decorative on top of being practical; read on for a brief guide.

Types of sinks

The standard sink for kitchens up to 150 square feet is made of a single bowl and measures 22 x 24 inches. However, there is a wide array of designs available, including top-mount and under-mount, drop-in and apron front sinks.

The apron front sink is perhaps better known as a farmhouse sink since it is usually found in country-style kitchens. A farmhouse sink is deep without being too wide, which means it won’t take up much countertop space, even though its front is larger than the kitchen counters.

Small kitchens, large families

Kitchen sinks can be further classified as single-bowl sinks with a single faucet, and double-basin, or even triple-bowl sinks with several faucets.

These last ones are most suitable for larger families, as you can use one bowl to wash the dishes and the other for draining. Multi-basin sinks are not suitable for small kitchens, though, as they are too bulky.


Sinks come in stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, solid copper, and composite stone. Copper has the disadvantage of turning green with use, unless it is treated against that, so make sure to ask before buying this type of sink. When properly made, a copper sink can truly be a beautiful addition to any kitchen, though.

Given its durability, stainless steel remains the most popular choice for kitchen sinks, but remember that your sink should match the overall style of your kitchen, therefore the choice of material and design should take that into account.

As far as style is concerned, some are plain and sturdy, with clean edges (usually made of stainless steel), while others feature luxurious details, such as hand embossed work. The front apron of farmhouse sinks is particularly suitable for these details, especially when it is made of copper or other antique looking material. The sink is perhaps the most important part of any kitchen, but it can also become its center piece when it is decorated out of the ordinary.

Finally, measure your cabinet properly to make sure your new sink fits; otherwise, you will have to purchase another cabinet or have it custom made.