Give Your Pet A “Warm” Love

Pets are in all the best moments people share even in their hectic work schedule.  Spending a little bit of time with the dearest pet can give relief from all day stress. But when that pet gets older and suffers from several bone troubles like joint pain while playing, stiffness in joints while licking, and even arthritis it becomes difficult to watch the lovely pet in such situation.

Therefore, as a part of treatment and also for a relief from the pain, pet heat pads are the best option that pet owners can do for the beloved pet.

Warmth of Love

Even though, these joint pains and arthritis inflammation are irreparable and inevitable signs of ageing, but proper care can lower the suffering. These cannot be cured but can be comforted.


It is widely known that warmness offers a great relieve to any joint pain even to man. And the same is highly recommended for a pet as well to offer warm foment. It gives them relieve from aching and stiffing.


Therefore, a pet heat mat or heat bed or heat pad, whatever, a good pick for an arthritic pet.


Types of Heat Pads


There are different types of pet heat mats, pads, and beds available in the market. These are of different size and some are individually designed for cats or dogs. Otherwise, universal heat pads are also available which can be used for any pet.


  • Microwaveable Pet Bed: These types of pet beds are non-electrical. These are warmer and hold heat for more or less 12 hours after a few minutes of heating in microwave. These warm beds can be fitted into a cover or slipped within a pet’s bed.


  • Flexiguard Heat Pad: These heat pads are very popular type of pet heat pad. It is electrically operated and maintains a stable temperature to assure the pets’ comfortable nap on it and relieve from arthritic pain. These beds may cost a little high but worth to buy.


  • Thermal Pet Bed: These thermal beds are very useful and power saving at a time. Thermal beds are normal temperature at first, but utilize the padding material inside it to get warm. It gets warm by reflecting the body heat of the dog or the cat back to the pet within a few minutes they lay on it.  No doubt these heat beds are cheaper than the other two types. But these work nearly the same as well.