Understanding how bowling game works

This is a recreational exercise in which a player rolls or tosses a ball with the aim of knocking down some pins ball. Bowling is an exciting game in which you can invest your time and energy with friends and family.

There are rules to different sports and bowling has its own. So if you choose to play bowling, just pop over here to have a deep insight on how the game works .

Basic Bowling Rules

Understand the playing lane

Before you start to bowl, there is a need for you to understand the importance of the lane. Generally, the playing line is sixty feet long to the bowler.

You will find gutters on the other side of the lane, and if the ball rolled passes through the lane into the gutter it can be taken through the pins.

The use of Bowling Pin

The bowling game works with 10 pins which are arranged in a triangle pattern. One of the pins will be placed in the front row, followed by two, three, and four. These pins will be aimed using the ball with the goal of hitting them into the gutter.

Learn the lingo

Do you desire to be a genuine bowler; you ought to know about a couple of various bowling rules.  Having a deep understanding will make bowling much simpler for you to comprehend the rules.

Understand how the game works

This game comprises of 10 frames. The 10 frames represent 20 turns in which a bowler is allowed to throw the ball twice at the pin. If the bowler is fortunate enough to push down the whole 10 pins at once, it is called a strike.

And if the bowler can’t push the 10 pins with one throw, there would be a chance to hit the second time and this is called spare but if there are pins left it is called an open frame.

The bowler must not cross the playing line during the game it is referred to as foul. And any hit during this period will be re-arranged and the bowler will start all over again.


After the bowler rolls the ball twice and there is still pins left which is known as the open frame, the bowler will be rewarded for the number of pins on the ground.

If the bowler was able to hit and knock the whole pin with the second attempt known as a spare, the bowler will get 10 points plus the number of pins knocked down during the second attempt.

And lastly, if a player was able to hit the whole pins with the first attempt, the strike will earn 10 points and the total number of the pins on the ground will be added to the ten point after the two turns.